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What Is Web Hosting And Why Do You Need It?
What Is Web Hosting And Why Do You Need It?

Why web hosting is essential to websites.

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Web Hosting is where the files of your website reside in order for others to access around the world. Every single website in the world "lives" or is "housed" on some type of server.

The larger your website (meaning the more files/pages you have) largely determines the type of web hosting package you need along with the number of visitors your website gets.

For example, a personal blog with a couple hundred blog posts wouldn't need near the amount of space that a small-business website selling thousands of products around the world would. This is often referred to as disk space or storage.

Additionally, if you website reaches 100 visitors a month, you wouldn't need near as big of a package as a website reaching 100,000 visitors a month.

The technical terms that help determine this are bandwidth (the amount of transfer between visitors and your website), RAM (the amount of memory your website has to serve it's pages), and CPU (the amount of processing power available to your website).

We started NameHero because we were frustrated at the lack of web hosting providers that provided a quality infrastructure at an affordable rate.

The majority of the "larger brands" seemed to offer affordable packages, but they were plagued with downtime and extremely slow load times. Likewise the "premium" providers offered the infrastructure but required a couple hundred dollars a month to get started. NameHero bridges that gap.

In summary, if you have a website or want to start one, you're going to need web hosting. Our packages give you the opportunity to start small and easily grow along with your business.

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