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JetBackup 5: The Comprehensive Backup Solution for Your cPanel Account
JetBackup 5: The Comprehensive Backup Solution for Your cPanel Account

We provide nightly and weekly backups on our Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages.

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At NameHero, we understand the value of your data and are committed to providing the best backup solutions. That's why we offer complimentary nightly and weekly offsite backups for every cPanel account on our Web Hosting or Reseller Hosting packages. With the release of JetBackup 5, you can enjoy an even more seamless backup experience.

Follow this all-in-one guide to access, download, and restore backups using JetBackup 5, ensuring your data's safety and your peace of mind.

Accessing JetBackup 5

  1. Log in to your cPanel account.

  2. Click on "JetBackup 5" to navigate to the dashboard.

The dashboard is divided into two main sections: Restore & Download and View & Manage. In the Restore & Download section, you have access to various backup options such as Full Backups, Home Directory, Cron Jobs, Databases, Database Users, DNS Zones, Certificates, Email Accounts, and FTP Accounts. These options offer a comprehensive backup solution for all aspects of your cPanel account.

Restore & Download

Full Backups

  1. Click "Full Backups" to view all available backups.

  2. Select the desired backup and click "Restore" or "Download."

Home Directory

  1. Click "Home Directory" to access file backups.

  2. Select the backup you'd like to restore from.

  3. Click "Change File Selection" to specifically select files for restoration or simply click "Restore" or "Download" to restore or download the entire backup.

Cron Jobs

  1. Click "Cron Jobs" to view backups of Cron jobs.

  2. Choose the desired backup and click "Restore" or "Download."


  1. Click "Databases" to access database backups.

  2. Select the desired backup and click "Restore" or "Download."

Database Users

  1. Click "Database Users" to view backups of database users.

  2. Choose the desired backup and click "Restore" or "Download."

DNS Zones

  1. Click "DNS Zones" to access backups of DNS zones for every domain or subdomain on the account.

  2. Select the desired backup and click "Restore" or "Download."


  1. Click "Certificates" to view backups of SSL certificates, which are essential for secure communication between your website and your visitors.

  2. Choose the desired backup and click "Restore" or "Download."

Email Accounts

  1. Click "Email Accounts" to access backups of email accounts.

  2. Find the desired email backup and click "Restore" or "Download."

FTP Accounts

  1. Click "FTP Accounts" to view backups of FTP accounts.

  2. Select the desired backup and click "Restore" or "Download."

View & Manage

This section includes Manage Account, Create Backup on demand, View Downloads, and Que.

  • Manage Account: Input your email address to receive notifications.

  • Create Backup on demand: Create an instant snapshot of your account. This feature is unavailable if your account has 20GB or more data or 100,000 iNodes (either or).

  • View Downloads: Displays any available backups for download.

  • Que: Monitors the progress of backup and restoration tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the native cPanel Backup icon? We use JetBackup instead of cPanel's native backup function for our Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting nodes. JetBackup is more efficient and allows quick restoration of files, databases, and email accounts without requiring a ticket. JetBackup has closely collaborated with the cPanel team, leading cPanel to recommend JetBackup over its native solution. The full account backups inJetBackup contain the same structure as native cPanel backups, providing you with the best of both worlds – the same backup structure and easier access to restoration.

  2. Why is the Create Backup on Demand option not available? If your cPanel account has more than 100,000 inodes (files) and/or is larger than 20GB in size, the backup on demand option is not possible due to server limitations. You can use an FTP client to manually download all your files and PHPMyAdmin to export your database. Additionally, you can always download a full account backup.

  3. My data is not restoring? If you're using an application like WordPress for your website, you must restore both the files and database in the event an update has altered the database tables. Ensure you complete both tasks as highlighted above. Additionally, larger websites take longer to restore, so please keep checking the queue to make sure each task has completed successfully.

  4. Should I keep my own backups? Yes! NameHero provides nightly and weekly backups for each account, but you are still responsible for your data. While rare, there is always a chance of backup corruption, and there is never a substitute for keeping your own backups locally.

  5. How many days of retention do you backup? One nightly backup and one weekly backup. For example, if it's Tuesday, you'll have a backup taken late Monday night and a weekly backup taken some time around the weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). If you would like more than one daily backup, you can order Premium backups, which gives you the ability to store up to 30 days of backups. Open a ticket with our billing team to get this added to your account.

  6. Do VPS/Cloud Dedicated Servers come with complimentary backups? No. Our complimentary nightly and weekly backups only include our Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting packages. If you have a VPS/Cloud Dedicated server, you are responsible for your backups or you can order the Snapshot option.

  7. I forgot to pay my invoice, and my account was terminated. Do you have a backup? Accounts that fail to pay invoices in a timely manner are subject to termination per our Terms of Service. As a courtesy, our system retains terminated account backups for up to 7 days, but we cannot guarantee it. Additionally, a fee will be assessed to restore terminated account backups.

* If you are in doubt about any of this, you can also just open a ticket and one of our NameHero techs can perform a backup for you.

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