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Check Your DNS Health Report With
Check Your DNS Health Report With

Use our free tool to help you troubleshoot your DNS.

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We use a lot of internal tools here at NameHero to help diagnose issues in our support desk.

One of the most common is looking at a website’s DNS records to see if anything is amiss.

Most often this will explain websites not resolving, emails not being delivered, etc.

Especially websites that are migrated over from other web hosts can contain old records that send everything into a fit creating a headache that can often appear to be a mystery.

Get Your Free DNS Report

I’m proud to announce one of our most valued tools to help solve the mystery behind some of the strangest website errors.

If you’re having an issue getting your website to load or emails delivered, this should be your first step in solving the problem.

Simply type in your domain and run a report and start looking for red or yellow results.

Red is almost always very bad and needs to be corrected as soon as possible. Yellow is a warning and can mean a potential problem exists.

Green check marks is what you want across the test results:

This is actually what we’ve trained all our support techs to do on almost every ticket. The first issue that needs to be ruled out in almost any troubleshooting is a DNS problem. These can really make you feel like you’re going crazy!

This tool is 100% free of charge, feel free to use and link our support team to your results if you need help fixing!

Also, make sure to bookmark this, as if you have a website, you’ll eventually need it!

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