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How To Signup For Reseller Hosting
How To Signup For Reseller Hosting

Step-by-step details to ordering a Reseller Hosting package with NameHero.

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Here at NameHero we offer four primary Reseller Hosting packages: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond:

Disclaimer: Prices, discounts, and packages change over time.

The main difference between all of them is the amount of disk space, bandwidth, and customer accounts we offer. If you don't yet have any customers, simply choose the Silver, and build from there. Since we let clients upgrade 100% free of charge at anytime (and apply any remaining balance) you have very little to lose.

As with any business, it's very important not to bury yourself in costs early on. Start small, grow big. It's a simple formula!

Now, if you already have an established business such as a web design agency, you want to take a little more time with this.

You want to consider your current client base, and examine how large of an organization they each are, as well as how much traffic they receive.

If you're just developing for small to medium sized local businesses, you most likely want to pick our Platinum or Diamond packages. Since it's most likely a lot of your customers are also going to purchase your web hosting (since they already have your trust) you want to make sure you have ample resources to accommodate their needs.

If you're already making good profits, you want to be able to freely re-invest into your business with a service that's going to help expand your profits (I always like to invest at least 30 - 40% of my monthly profits for growth anyways).

Step 2: Register a new domain or use your existing domain:

Step 3: Choose Billing Cycle:

Tip: Pricing changes is part of business. At NameHero, we reward customers who sign-up longer than one-year by “locking in” a discounted price. The longer you signup, the more you save. While it is more cost upfront, in the long run, you have much larger ROIs.

Step 4: Configure Your Package (I recommend them all because our new customer discount applies!!):

Step 5: Complete Your Payment (Tip: If you want insane specials make sure to opt-in):

Step 6: Proceed to Client Area and click My Cloud:

Step 7: Click On Your Package:

Step 8: Notice Your Private Name Servers:

Step 9: Register Your Private Name Servers

Please note: Follow these instructions if you bought your name from us. If not you can transfer it to us or ask your registrar.

Click Domains -> My Domains on the side navigation:

Click on the domain of your name servers (i.e. for my example)

Click on Private Nameservers under Manage

Enter ns1 and the corresponding IP address from Step 8 above. Then click save:

Repeat this step, to register ns2:

Step 10: Change The Nameservers Of Your Domain To Match Your The Private Ones:

Click Nameservers under Manage (still in the NameHero Client Area):

Select Use custom nameservers and enter the private ones you registered. Click Change Nameservers to save:

Please note: Changing your nameservers may take up to 24 hours to fully propagate across the Internet. If you're in the USA, normally they're active within a couple of hours.

That's it! Your Reseller Web Hosting account has been setup and is ready to use!

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