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How To Signup For NameHero's Website Builder, HeroBuilder
How To Signup For NameHero's Website Builder, HeroBuilder
Build your own, professional looking website within minutes using HeroBuilder. Easily create an online store or dynamic website.
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No longer do you have to rely on an expensive website designer to build the website you've always dreamed of. HeroBuilder empowers individuals and small business owners with all the tools to create a beautiful website without any previous experience. Best of all, it's powered by the NameHero cloud, meaning it'll load super fast with free SSL.

While the majority of NameHero customers use dynamic content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress to build their website, some don't want to worry about keeping track of updates, adding third-party themes/plugins, hence HeroBuilder is the perfect solution.

To see if HeroBuilder is right for your website, we offer a 7-day 100% risk free trial with no credit card required.

1) Start your HeroBuilder free trial

New NameHero Users

If you're not a current NameHero customer, you can easily start your free trial of HeroBuilder by registering a new account.

It's important to enter valid information during registration as our system may immediately void your account and ban your IP address if it's not. You just need to enter your name, email address, phone number, and billing address.

There is no credit card required for the trial, but if you decide to keep your website, this information will be used to upgrade to a paid version.

Once you're finished, make sure to read our Terms of Service and click register. This will immediately launch HeroBuilder in your browser where you can get started.

Existing NameHero Customer

If you're an existing NameHero customer, you must first login to your account, and then navigate to the HeroBuilder Templates page.

From here, you can explore our templates, and then hover over one and click the brush icon:

This will launch a dialog where you can click to Deploy your HeroBuilder Website:

Rather you're a new user or existing NameHero customer, you are entitled to a 7-day-free trial of HeroBuilder. You may only have 1 trial active at a time; if you need multiple websites, upgrade your existing trial to a paid plan to deploy another.

Make sure to only click once as it may take a few seconds to deploy. You will then be sent to the client area where you can launch the editor by clicking Edit Website:

2) Select your Website Template

Once the HeroBuilder website editor has launched in your browser, you'll be shown all of the templates with categories on the left to browse. Find the template you wish to use and hover over to Select:

All of these Premium Templates are included in HeroBuilder, you may fully customize each to meet your exact needs. Everything from the color scheme to the images is available to customize.

If you wish to start using a Blank canvas, you may select the All Templates category and search for Blank:

3) Customize your Website

Once you've selected a template, you can begin editing/building your website right inside of your browser. At the top of the template, you'll notice options to toggle the view of the website based on screen size (i.e. wide screen monitor, laptop, tablet, or smartphone):

To edit an element on a page, simply click right on it and start typing:

You'll notice the font bar that appears where you can change how the text looks.

You can use the plus icon (+) on the far left to add elements to a page:

These elements are called blocks and can be added to any page of your website. These give you the ability to fully customize each page of your website to your exact needs.

If you're on the HeroBuilder Trial, you'll notice the Commerce section is unavailable until you upgrade your plan.

The settings cog (under the plus) allows you to modify SEO elements of your website, edit the background, styles, and more:

Toggling the Landing option on will turn your website into a one-page landing page, which is great for your marketing campaigns.

The question mark icon (below the settings) will launch an interactive help center which has two options: 1) you can select an element which will begin an automatic walk through of how to use a block 2) select one of the tutorials for specific details including a step-by-step walk through on how a template was made:

The right column of the HeroBuilder editor provides specific details behind each element that's click on a page. For example, on the template I selected, I can change the image background of one of the main elements from here:

The top dropdown menu beside the HeroBuilder logo allows you to navigate the different pages of your website as well as the ability to add menu items to your top menu:

If you wish to change/reset your template at anytime you can use the dropdown menu beside it:

It's important to note that when you change or reset a template, all custom changes, including custom text will be deleted.

4) Preview your Website

Once you're satisfied with your customizations, you can click the Preview button on the top right to see how your website looks on multiple devices:

Notice the devices at the top beside the HeroBuilder logo. You can preview your website on a wide screen, laptop, tablet, and smart phone. Click close preview to return to the editor.

5) Save / Publish your Website

To retain the customizations you've made to your website, you can hover over the Publish button in the top right to Save Draft at anytime. Personally, I save after I've spent any amount of time making customizations incase my browser crashes.

When you click Publish it deploys all changes made to your website to your live URL:

During this process, your website is deployed right onto the NameHero high-speed cloud, without any further action necessary. If you have a large website with many pages, this may take a minute or two, please let it sit and complete. The Publish dialog will automatically close once it's finished.

HeroBuilder automatically creates a public-facing subdomain to hold your website, even on the free trial. This gives you a live URL that you can also preview your website using any device/computer. Once you've clicked Publish you can then view your website on that URL.

When your trial is deployed, this URL is sent in your welcome email, but you can also find it in our Client Area:

You can click this URL (i.e. to see your website (and also send it to others):

6) Upgrade Your HeroBuilder Trial

Your free trial will automatically expire 7-days from starting it. This process is automated and will completely remove your website/data from our servers. Therefore if you'd like to keep your website it's very important that you upgrade prior to that.

Additionally, upgrading to a paid HeroBuilder plan gives you more features such as the ability to connect your custom domain to your website, tools to build an online store, and more.

You may upgrade your trial at anytime by logging into the NameHero client area and clicking My Cloud to display your websites:

From here, you can click on your Trial Builder:

And then on Upgrade:

This will show you three different packages that you can upgrade to:

All paid HeroBuilder packages give you the ability to Connect Your Domain with free and automatic SSL.

  • Personal Builder - Best for individuals creating their first website. Allows for email forwarding only (not email accounts).

  • Business Builder - Best for small-businesses or individuals that want to also have email accounts and provides the ability to Import existing website to make edits. This is a great option if your website designer has went missing.

  • eCommerce Builder - This is our most popular package as it includes everything in the other packages, but also the ability to use our eCommerece Suite which gives you the ability to sell your products and services directly from your website. Accept payments instantly and bring your offline business online in under an hour. There is no complicated merchant account signup or applications to fill out.

To upgrade your Trial, first select the billing cycle from the top down of the package you want, and then select Choose Product:

As you can see, if you choose to pay monthly, the price for the eCommerce Package is $29.95/mo, where as $20.97/mo if you pay for 3 years (up to 30% discount). The longer you signup the more you save!

You can then select your payment method:

We recommend using the Credit Card option to pay for your account. We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express (look for the logo on the front of your card).

PayPal - Some customers wish to pay with PayPal which we also accept. PayPal allows you to pay with any major credit/debit card as well as the ability to send an eCheck from your bank account. Please note: eChecks can take up to five-business days to clear and your account will not active until it has done so.

Coinbase - You may also pay your invoice with crypto currency such as Bitcoin (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), or other popular crypto currencies supported by Coinbase. Please note: You're not required to have an account with Coinbase you may send with any applicable wallet address (i.e. BTC).

Credit Card (Stripe) - For those customers located outside of the United States, you may wish to use Stripe to process an International Credit Card. Specifically, if you're paying with a debit card provided by Payoneer, you must use Stripe for the transaction to go through.

Complete the payment:

Your billing address shown on trial registration is defaulted in, but if you need to add a new one you can do that here.

Once you enter in your card details and click Make Payment, your HeroBuilder trial will then be upgraded instantly (as long as your payment was approved).

You can now go back to your website in our Client Area and you'll see all the added features:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I add HeroBuilder to my existing Web hosting package? No. HeroBuilder is a standalone product that cannot be added to any existing web hosting service from NameHero.

  • I'm a Reseller, can I offer HeroBuilder to my customers? Not at this time. While we may consider this option in the future, at this time HeroBuilder is only available through the NameHero website.

  • How many websites can I create with my HeroBuilder package? You can only build one website per HeroBuilder package. If you would like to build more than one, you will have to upgrade your Trial in order to deploy a second website.

  • Do I have FTP access to my HeroBuilder package? No. All file publishing is done directly from our HeroBuilder editor in your web browser. Therefore there is no need for FTP access.

  • I forgot to upgrade my HeroBuilder Trial and it expired. Can you retrieve my website? Unfortunately once the trial expires, your website, along with its data is terminated from our servers. This is an automated process, so unfortunately you would have to rebuild the website. It's very important to upgrade your trial before it expires.

  • I already have a domain at another provider, can I connect it to my HeroBuilder website? Yes, you will just need to update your nameservers at your current provider to the ones inside our Client Area.

  • Can I download a copy of my HeroBuilder website? You can download a backup of your HeroBuilder website, but it doesn't contain readable website files, meaning it cannot be used on other hosting services.

  • Can I move my HeroBuilder to another web hosting service? No. Websites built with HeroBuilder will only function inside of HeroBuilder and cannot be moved to another service/provider.

  • Is there any branding / ads on my HeroBuilder website? By default our HeroBuilder logo is displayed at the bottom of your website, but you can remove it if you wish. We do not place ads on your website.

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