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What Are Name Servers And Where Do I Find Them?
What Are Name Servers And Where Do I Find Them?

Name Servers are what make the connection between your actual website and your domain.

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Name servers are what connect your website to your domain and are essential to setup regardless the web hosting service you're using. Most often they are in this format: and These are unique depending on the web hosting service ordered.

The first step to get your website live on NameHero's Web Hosting is to make the connection between our cloud hosting servers and your domain name.

If you're registering a new domain while purchasing your web hosting package, this configuration is automatically set:

If you already have an active domain and hosting, but are moving your services to NameHero, it's important to not change your Name Servers until your files are transferred over.

For example, you currently have setup and hosted with another provider such as GoDaddy. You're wanting to move this service to NameHero, therefore you have a couple of options:

1) You can leave the domain at GoDaddy and only move the hosting to NameHero. Therefore once your hosting package is deployed at NameHero, you would then need your files migrated over, and then you could login to GoDaddy and update the name servers. During signup your would select the option: I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers:

2) You are wanting to move both your domain and your web hosting from GoDaddy to NameHero (recommended). During the signup process you would want to select the option to Transfer your domain from another registrar:

Prior to completing the order for your new web hosting service, you would want to unlock your domain in GoDaddy's control panel and obtain the EPP/Auth Code, which is also found inside their control panel.

As soon as your website's files are migrated over, you can then update your nameservers at GoDaddy to NameHero's and they'll remain intact while the transfer completes. This allows you to use your hosting immediately while the domain transfers over, automatically.

Very Important: Once you change your name servers to NameHero's your domain will point to the content on our servers. If your website files have not been migrated, your website will not display correctly.

Where Can I Find My Name Servers?

Name Servers are unique for each hosting service at NameHero. As mentioned above, they're normally in the format of and, but the number behind the ns prefix is unique. You can obtain your specific set in two places:

1) Your Welcome Email - When you complete your order from NameHero, we'll send you a welcome email that'll list your unique name servers. If you accidentally deleted the email, you can always find it in our email archive insider our Client Portal.

2) Listed In Our Client Portal - Once you login to our Client Portal, you can click on Cloud Web Hosting:

and then on your web hosting package ordered:

and you'll see your unique name servers:

Once again, it's very important for existing websites, not to change their name servers until you're 100% certain your files are on our servers.

For new websites, there is no need to worry about this.

For the best support experience, we highly recommend transferring your domain to NameHero so we can fully support your services.

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