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How To Setup A WordPress Staging Environment
How To Setup A WordPress Staging Environment

Learn how to create a staging site in WordPress

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I used to joke with my former business partner about making live site edits.

When you have a website that your customers depend on logging in/ordering the last thing you want to do is make a live site edit.

Based on nearly two decades working online, I always like to plan for the unforeseen.

What happens if you stall all your ordering for the day? When it’s your sole income, that could have some pretty risky consequences.

Even if you’re just developing for a new design, you wouldn’t want to do it live, as chances are it’s going to take a couple of days to be ready.

How to setup staging in cPanel

Thankfully, cPanel makes it extremely easy to setup a staging environment for WordPress. It only takes a couple of clicks and you don’t have to be a coder.

Rather than typing all this out, I feel like it’s MUCH easier to watch in video format:

Both of the mentioned methods above are effective, it just depends on what your goal is for your WordPress website.

I personally like copying the old database in PHPMyAdmin as it leaves me with an original copy, just incase I need to revert back.

If you have any questions or need help getting this setup for your account, feel free to let us know!

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