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From time-to-time our support team may need to request from your the IP address of your home computer or network that you’re using to connect to your website.

This is specifically important when you have a firewall block.

If you accidentally type in your email or cPanel password incorrect more than once, our firewall may block your IP address, making it seem like the server is down or unaccessible (Read: Is Your Website Down Or IP Blocked?).

Our order processing team automatically whitelists the IP address you ordered from, some ISPs change this dynamically. While this is an inconvenience, we have an area inside our Client Portal that allows you to manually unblock your IP.

What Is Your IP?

Regardless, you’re going to need a way to quickly identify your public IP address.

To assist with this, we’ve setup a tool on that instantly shows your IP:

As you can see in the screenshot above, my public IP address is, which is what I would need to unblock my IP from the firewall.

Feel free to use this tool anytime you need to discover your public-facing IP address and make sure to share with friends and family who many need to do the same!

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