How To Customize cPanel Branding
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All of our Reseller Hosting packages work pretty much "right out the box" meaning they require very little configuration once they're online.

However, the majority of customers do want to remove the NameHero logo from their client's cPanel as well as customize their interface:

How To Customize cPanel Logo

You can easily do this by logging into Web Host Manager and going to Customization:

Once inside of here you can specify a lot of information specific to your company:

Company Name: This is the name your Resellers are going to see. For my example, I used ResellerHosstingUS.

Help Link: This is the link to your help desk/help section. Above I demonstrate using the link to open a new ticket with NameHero.

Documentation Link: If you have guides/documentation on your website you can link to it here. Above I link to the NameHero Knowledgebase.

Company Logo: This is going to be the logo that displays at the top of your customer's cPanel (like in the screenshot above with the NameHero logo). You can upload your own logo or you can Google cPanel and use their default logo.

Webmail Logo: This is the same as your company logo but is what is going to display when customers are using the Webmail interface.

Favicon: If you have your own favicon for your business, you can upload it here, or it will use cPanel's default.

Once you make these changes you may need to login again or clear your cache for them to take affect.

How To Change The cPanel Style

By default, all cPanel accounts use the latest cPanel style.

I personally like this because I feel like a lot of customers are already familiar with cPanel, especially if they're moving over from another web host that uses it.

However, they do have a couple different styles you're free to use to customize your customer's experience.

From the same Customization screen in Web Host Manager, you can click on Customize Style and select the default one for your customers:

I have seen some pretty cool designs with the Dark theme, but it's a bit hard on my eyes. They also have their "Retro" style for any customers migrating over from some old-school hosts, which may make the transition a bit easier.

Finally, if you're a web developer and want to really customize the user's experience, you can follow their guide to creating and uploading your own style.

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