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How To Restore Offsite DropMySite Backups
How To Restore Offsite DropMySite Backups
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At NameHero we backup all cPanel accounts for our Web Hosting and Reseller Hosting customers nightly free of charge.

These complimentary backups include one-day's retention and cover accounts up to 100,000 Inodes and/or 20GB of disk usage.

If you use more space than this or want more than one-day's backup retention we've integrated directly with DropMySite to allow this.

It's our goal to offer the fastest and most affordable cloud web hosting on the Internet therefore we give you the option to add more backups rather than cramming them in the price of the package.

How Much Are DropMySite Backups?

We've worked with DropMySite to allow affordable backup options for all websites:

These prices are per month which you can see are very resonable.

You can also upgrade at anytime, so as your usage increases, you can also increase your backups.

If you already have a hosting account with us, you can follow this tutorial to add DropMySite to your account.

Where Can I See The DropMySite Backups?

DropMySite backups are 100% available inside of cPanel. Simply login and navigate to WebSite Backups:

Once you select the option you'll be brought to their dashboard where you can see all of your backups:

All of the websites, databases, and email accounts inside your cPanel should be automatically listed here once you've had an account longer than 24 hours.

If you don't see them, make sure to reach out, so we can check your connection.

How To Restore Backups

Restoring the backups made by DropMySite is extremely easy!

From right inside of the dashboard, you'll click the restore icon next to the backup you wish to restore:

On the next screen, you'll be able to select an individual file or all files you wish to restore:

At the top, you can define what day you want to restore from:

Once the file(s) are selected, the date is defined, you can then click the restore button to begin.

You'll notice you're asked to confirm this is what you want to do, as once a restore has run, it will overwrite any files that aren't included in the backup:

You'll also notice a drop-down for Restore to. This is helpful if you're trying to restore your files to a new domain or staging area.

Once you click Restore it'll take a couple minutes to complete. The larger your website, the longer it will take to restore.

The status bar will show 100% once it has completed.

How To Restore Your mySQL Databases

If you're restoring a WordPress backup (or another application that utilizes a mySQL database) you may also need to restore the corresponding database.

For example, if your website breaks when you update WordPress, you'll not only need to rollback the files (shown above) but you'll also need to rollback the database.

This is very easily done by selecting the database restore option from your DropMySite dashboard:

If you're unsure of your database name, you'll need to open up wp-config.php inside your File Manager to get the name of it (especially if you have more than one database on your website).

Just like the files, you'll be brought to a second screen where you need to select the date of the database restore:

Remember, if you're fixing a failed software update, it's important to select a backup of the database prior to the upgrade.

It's also important to note your database is where all your posts, pages, and other settings are stored. If you've made any edits after the date of the database restore, they will be lost, so proceed knowing this.

As with the files, once the database restore begins, it may take some time depending on the size of it.

How To Restore Emails

One of my favorite features of DropMySite is the ability to backup all of your emails.

I cannot tell you how many times I've accidentally lost a very important email.

Just like the above two steps, you'll simply select the restore option from the dashboard:

The next screen will allow you to select the exact folder you wish to restore as well as the date:

This is useful if you've deleted the message as it will ensure you don't lose any new messages.

How To Restore DropMySite Backups

I've filmed a complete video tutorial where I walk you through the entire DropMySite restoration process if you'd like to follow-along:

If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!

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