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How To Resell Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
How To Resell Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Learn how to sell our VPSs to your customers.

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A lot of our Resellers want to have the ability to resell our VPS hosting packages.

Given our low prices, many Resellers find comfort in being able to offer the same high-speed infrastructure to their larger customers that require more dedicated resources.

For this reason, we've designed all our VPS hosting packages to be 100% white-labeled so you can offer them to your customers without them ever seeing NameHero.

While there are a couple different ways to do this, I've decided one of the recommended ways for those that want to begin offering this using WHMCS.

If you haven't already installed and configured your WHMCS, we have a tutorials on how to do this. You'll want to have it running before proceeding.

Create A Product Group

Inside your WHMCS admin area, you want to create a new product group.

To do this, login to your admin area and navigate to Configuration ( πŸ”§ ) > System Settings > Products/Services

You'll then want to click Create a New Group and add define the new group's name:

Create A New Product

Once your product group has been added, you then need to Create a New Product.

To do this, login to your admin area and navigate to Configuration ( πŸ”§ ) > System Settings > Products/Services

You'll then want to click Create a New Product and add define the new product's name:

You'll want to select Dedicated/VPS Server as the Product Type and then select the Product Group you created in the previous step.

You can then name the product whatever VPS hosting package you're wanting to resell. In my example, I'm using the 4GB VPS.

Configure The Product

Once the product has been created, you want to add a Product Description that explains the package and assign it a welcome email.

For demo purposes, I'm going to use the default WHMCS Dedicated/VPS Server Welcome Email, but you'll most likely want to customize this to your needs:

You can define any of the other options that may pertain to your business.

Once you're finished here, you want to click on pricing and setup the price for the package:

For this demo, I'm only setting up monthly pricing, but you may want to give your customers a few different options and discount the price if they decide to pay longer (that's what we do here at NameHero).

The final thing I recommend doing is setting up the Module Settings:

Since this requires you to manually setup the VPS at the NameHero end, I like to use Auto Release.

Basically when someone orders it'll Add a To-Do List Item to remind you that you need to create their server.

You could also choose the Create Support Ticket option that will automatically make a ticket for the customer so you can update them when their server is online (maybe a better option).

You can also use this if a customer needs to be suspended, terminated, or unsuspended.

Finally, I'm setting this to Auto setup the product as soon as it's placed, but you may want to wait until payment has been received or wait until you manually verify.

The other tabs really aren't required, but feel free to customize these options to your exact needs, especially if you want to provide upgrade or configurable options.

You're Ready To Begin Accepting Orders

At this point, you should be able to display VPS Hosting on your website:

No further action is needed until you get an order from your customer(s).

How To Setup An Order

When you have a new VPS hosting order come through, you'll get a To-Do List Item or a new Support Ticket (depending on how you configured it) to let you know you need to setup their server at NameHero:

First, you'll want to pull up the order inside your WHMCS:

These options defined by your customer, will let you know what you need to order at NameHero.

Place Your Order At NameHero

Since you've been paid, it's now time to head over to our VPS hosting page, and order their server:

VPS Plans

You'll notice, our pricing is the best discount when you pay for at least 12 months.

Regardless the billing cycle your customer chooses, I recommend going with that for the most ROI (return on investment).

If the customer only stays a few months, we can credit the amount left back to your account (sorry no cash refunds) and it can be used to pay a future NameHero invoice.

Use the options defined by your customer, to order the server:

VPS Checkout

Place the order and wait 5 - 10 minutes for the server to come online.

Configure The Order

Once the server is online, you'll have the IP you can then give to your customer in your Client Area:

The IP can be entered in the pending order inside your WHMCS:

You can also enter the username for them too.

That's it! Your customer will now be able to see their new VPS inside their client panel:

Once again, it's 100% white-labeled, they'll never see NameHero, and you can charge whatever price you'd like! This is one way to really boost your revenue.

It's important to note, we're working on a more "automated" module, but with all the recent changes/updates to WHMCS, it's taking a bit longer than I expected.

We already have hundreds of resellers using this method with great success, so I definitely wanted to get this out and share it with you all!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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