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How To Setup And Install WordPress At NameHero
How To Setup And Install WordPress At NameHero
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WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and powers north of 100 million websites.

It levels the playing field amongst entrepreneurs as it allows complete novices the ability to setup a professional looking website in a matter of minutes.

No coding required.

WordPress On The Cloud

In 2018, gone are the days of having a traditional "old school" dedicated server.

Moving your website to the cloud allows you to take advantage of scalable resources with a couple of clicks (without prolonged downtime).

Regardless the number of visitors you get to your WordPress website, you'll gain tremendous speed benefits by moving to the cloud.

At Name Hero we only offer cloud hosting and can help you make the transition without hassle!

Step By Step Tutorial

I've filmed the following tutorial that shows step-by-step the process of creating your WordPress website in the cloud, how to optimize and secure it, and how to get a professional looking template:

Quick Links:

2:20 WordPress Hosting Companies
31:10 NameHero WordPress Hosting
56:13 NameHero Reviews
1:02:30 NameHero Account Setup
1:17:00 Login To cPanel
1:17:48 Create An Email Account
1:20:07 WordPress Setup & Install
1:22:35 Setup Auto SSL
1:30:58 Install LiteSpeed Cache
1:32:08 Install Wordfence Security
1:33:18 Install Really Simple SSL
1:34:08 General WordPress Settings
1:38:10 Enable PHP 7 & Change Upload Limits
1:43:56 Install Custom WordPress Theme
1:53:39 Setup A Contact Form
1:46:30 How To Setup A Menu
1:58:12 How To Create A Page In WordPress
2:01:57 Setup & Install Yoast SEO

Here at Name Hero we believe it shouldn't cost an arm and a leg to get your WordPress website on the cloud.

Regardless of your website size, you'll find a package that works for your website.

Remember, with the cloud you can scale to a large package at the click of a mouse. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns; in the meantime enjoy the boost of speed!

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