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When To Upgrade Your Reseller Hosting Package
When To Upgrade Your Reseller Hosting Package
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Eventually, you're going to start running out of space on your reseller hosting package. I recommend as you start approaching 50 - 60% of your usage to consider your upgrade options.

At NameHero we have multiple reseller nodes, so you may wish to purchase another package on another node, to diversify a bit. While we boast 99.9% monthly network uptime, there is always that 0.1% chance. I've never been one to keep all my eggs in one basket, so this may also benefit you.

If you're really cranking out the accounts it may make more sense to purchase one of our Managed Servers. These high-powered machines have unreal dedicated performance and will give you the ability to offer reseller space as well! This will allow you to really send your business to the "next level" by offering a full arsenal of web hosting products.

When you reach that $20K+ a month level - we have several enterprise solutions that aren't listed on our website. Have the full functionality of our cloud without all of the expense! Reach out to me personally at [email protected] and I can go over the different solutions we offer.

I say this often, but I personally want to see your business be super-successful. While expansion and growth can be exciting, it can be as equally challenging if you don't have the proper infrastructure in place. Web hosting aside, I'm also available to "point you in the right direction" when it comes to essential business management and operation tasks. Make sure to use this to your advantage!

While most of our resellers don't disclose their numbers to me, I did receive an email a couple weeks ago from one individual that is making over $8,000 a month in profit reselling our services. They expressed their gratitude for our server uptime and high performance cloud for making their business exceptionally successful. Stories like this are worth more to me than any dollar I can make. I hope to see you all achieve this same level of success!

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