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How To Install Grav CMS
How To Install Grav CMS
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One Click Grav Installation

At NameHero, we believe installation for all applications should require no more work than the click of a mouse.

That's why all our Shared, Reseller, and VPS hosting packages have one-click installation enabled for Grav:

How To Install Grav In 2 Minutes

  1. Login to cPanel

  2. Click Portals/CMS (under Softaculous Apps Installer)

  3. Search For Grav

  4. Click Install Now

  5. Follow The Instructions As Displayed Above

Our one-click installation includes the admin plugin which allows you to edit/customize your entire site right from your browser.

For more advanced users, you can use your favorite FTP or code editor to develop the site manually.

It's also important to note all our hosting packages come with free and automatic SSL so you can rest assure your website will be secure.

Blazing Fast Grav Web Hosting

I've filmed a video tutorial where I explain Grav in more detail and show you how quick and easy you can get your site up and running:

Grav has a ton of helpful documentation on their website that you may want to read to help you along your way.

I'm personally very impressed with the project and hope they continue to develop and grow the same path they're on.

As I said above, I've seen a lot of projects come and go, so I hope they don't fall into the later, but they seem to have a pretty strong community behind it.

I'm working on some more Grav tutorials including performance benchmarks vs. WordPress, so make sure to stay tuned to our blog here and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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