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How To Resell Domain ID Protection
How To Resell Domain ID Protection
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What Is ID Protection?

All domain names require the information of the person/organization that registered it be stored in the public Whois database.

Therefore your personal information, including your name, physical address, email address, and phone number can be available for everyone to see including spammers.

To protect this information, most domain registrars offer an ID protection service that will mask your personal information with theirs, also forwarding legitimate emails.

At NameHero, we offer this through our WhoisHero privacy protection product:

You can also offer this to your customers through ResellerClub.

Configure In WHMCS

To begin offering this, you need to login to your WHMCS backend and configure it:

Once you're there, you want to go to Setup -> Products/Services -> Domain Pricing:

You then want to place a check for the TLDs that you want to offer ID protection:

On the same page, you want to scroll down and set the pricing under Domain Addons:

It's important to login to your ResellerClub account to see the cost of the ID protection to you, so you can price higher, and make a profit.

Her's what it says in my account:

You'll notice my cost is $3.00 and they recommend a base price of $3.60 meaning I'll make $0.60 off each order. Not a bad upsell for not having to do anything :).

Now, when customers go to order a domain you will see the upsells:

Additional Domain Upsells

In addition to ID Protection, ResellerClub also allows the ability to offer Email Forwarding and DNS Management.

Both of these products are free for each domain, therefore any price you include, is pure profit.

Follow the same steps as you did above for ID Protection to enable these.

How To Setup ID Protection In WHMCS

I've filmed a video tutorial where I walk through this setup so you can follow-along:

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!

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