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How To Secure And Customize Your cPanel Account
How To Secure And Customize Your cPanel Account
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All of our cloud web hosting packages here at Name Hero include cPanel.

For those unfamiliar, it’s basically a browser-based control panel that allows to you completely manage your web hosting account with us. From creating email address to uploading files and setting up additional domains, it’s a very powerful piece of software.

In my nearly two decades of working online I’ve been a tremendous fan of their continued development, hence decided to use them when I started Name Hero.

For many years web hosting companies would spend countless dollars and resources developing their own, only to have it go out of date when changes came.

In my opinion you have to decide if you’re going to be in the web hosting business or the software business. We’re in the web hosting business, hence leave the software development up to cPanel.

As we prepare to attend this year’s cPanel conference, I thought it would be appropriate to begin highlighting some important, yet simple, security and customization features you can use for your account:

How To Customize Your Website’s Error Pages In cPanel

How To Change Your cPanel Password

How To Use cPanel’s Virus Scanner To Keep Your Website & Email Safe

How To Block An IP Address From Accessing Your Website In cPanel

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