How To Scale Your Large Customers
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At NameHero we have solutions for websites of all sizes.

This is personally right up my ally as prior to starting NameHero I owned several different popular websites reaching upwards of 250,000 - 500,000 unique visitors a day.

I also managed a SAAS company that processed over 10,000,000 clicks a day through patent-pending ad serving technology.

With that said, we have a couple different solutions, depending on your situation:

Migrate Over To A Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Our VPS hosting packages are a high-traffic webmasters best friend. Since all of these servers are in the cloud, you can instantly scale to the next solution right inside of our interface.

Some of our Resellers will decide to move just an individual client over to a VPS while some will move their entire account over.

The only downside to our VPS hosting, is if you want to use LiteSpeed web server (or CloudLinux), you have to buy those licenses individually.

However, I've seen some VERY promising results using Apache with http2 and PHP-FPM (now both included right inside of Web Host Manager).

If you just want to move one individual client over to a VPS, you can, and still bill the customer whatever price you see fit.

Migrate An Individual Customer To Our Cloud Hosting

Our cloud web hosting packages have individual CPU, RAM, and Inode limits allowing you to scale up an individual customer without a VPS.

To do this, simply open a new sales ticket and let our team know.

They'll then manually add the package to your account, and you can still charge your customer as you see best fit.

The package will remain 100% white-labeled inside your Reseller account, so they'll never see NameHero.

There is no downtime during this process and your customer will have instant access to the additional resources.

Contact Us For A Custom Solution

If you need more power than our Hero 8GB we have a custom solution for you!

We can go all the way up to 128GB of RAM per server and even cluster multiple servers together for you.

However in these type of situations, we would need to know more about what exactly you're trying to accomplish.

We can also offer the following services for additional fees:

  • Stress test simulator - We can setup a staging area and actually stress-test the server before going live to ensure you won't have any load issues.

  • Special event monitoring - If you plan on having a rush of traffic on a specific day, we can have our monitoring team watch the server closely and take immediate action if something goes amiss.

  • Separation of Database Server - If you'd like to have a separate server just for your databases, we can have all this setup and paired with your current VPS.

Feel free to reach out to our sales team here to get a custom quote as well as a consultation on how to best handle this.

Web Host Manager + cPanel Only

With all this said, we only provide full management on servers that include Web Host Manager with cPanel.

Therefore if you're looking to run a custom application with many complicated parts, we wouldn't be able to manage it.

I've filmed a video tutorial where I talk about many of these solutions here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know!

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