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How To Schedule Posts In WordPress
How To Schedule Posts In WordPress
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One of the main reasons I love using Wordpress is that I can go on vacation without anyone knowing. Simply type a series of posts and schedule them to be published automatically. Then using ManageFlitter, I can make sure the posts syndicate across my social networks, and I never miss a beat. I've even filled my team in on this little secret that allows them to come in to work when they want to and some get all their content queued up for the week in a matter of hours.

To Schedule A Post In Wordpress:

1) Type your post as normal. Before clicking the Publish button click the Edit link in the upper right:


2) Once clicked, you will then be able to schedule the date and time for your post to be shown. I personally always set my post times to be a bit different to avoid any penalty from Google bot (maybe just a conspiracy in my head though):


3) Once you have your desired date and time set, click the OK button:


4) Finally, click the blue Schedule button:


Video: How To Schedule A Post In Wordpress

That's it! Wordpress will now automatically publish your post on the date and time scheduled.

Have fun blogging on your days off and vacations! Feel free to let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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