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How To Switch WordPress To PHP7+
How To Switch WordPress To PHP7+
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If you’re powering your website with WordPress and not using PHP 7+ you are missing out on a much faster experience! Many security benefits come with the newer php versions!

Over the last year, we’ve helped clients migrate over from PHP 5.6 and have seen2x faster performance and 50% better memory consumption, allowing you to serve more concurrent users without adding any hardware.

Optimizing WordPress

We all know how important it is to have a fast-loading website. With the rise of mobile devices, search engines such as Google, prioritize websites that load faster in their organic search results.

If you own a local business, that means you’re losing customers if your site isn’t blazing fast.

We already offer very important WordPress optimizations such as solid state drives, LiteSpeed web server, and MariaDB.

However, by adding PHP 7+ to the mix, you immediately provide you site with critical optimizations that most of your competitors haven’t yet done.

Multiple PHP Versions

At NameHero we understand that flexibility is the name of the game. While you might be ready to move your WordPress website over to PHP7+ today, some of your plugins may not be compatible.

That’s why we allow you to select your PHP version right inside of cPanel which means you can instantly “revert back” if something doesn’t work out.

Personally, I’ll play around with website speed tests and different PHP configurations until I find the winning combination.

How To Use PHP 7+ With WordPress

Switching your WordPress website to PHP 7+ is extremely easy.

How To Switch To PHP 7+

  1. Login to cPanel

  2. Click on Select PHP Version

  3. Select desired php version and click apply.

PHP 7+ Is The New Standard

In the coming months, we’re going to be switching our servers to default to PHP 7+. We still however, will keep our PHP selector inside of cPanel so you have the flexibility to use multiple versions if needed.

We strongly feel that PHP 7+ will help increase the speed of your website and help you rank better in search engines and give you the competitive advantage you need.

If you have any issues making the switch, feel free to reach out to us via the Phone, Live Chat, or Helpdesk!

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