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How To Setup Wordfence Security Plugin For WordPress
How To Setup Wordfence Security Plugin For WordPress
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The second plugin I add to all my WordPress websites is Wordfence.

Security is the most important part of your WordPress website as without taking strict measures you expose yourself to hacking threats, downtime, and many other costly problems.

At Name Hero we've hardened our infrastructure to include automatic DDOS protection, nightly WordPress malware scanning/removal, but Wordfence adds an additional layer of security to your website.

Look at it like this.

When it's cold outside you find yourself dressing in layers.

A shirt. A fleece. A jacket. Maybe some gloves.

The more layers of clothing, the warmer you stay.

The same goes with website security.

The more layers you have been your website and the evildoers, the safer you are.

Wordfence Features

You'll notice they offer a free package and a premium one.

I personally just use the free one but recommend upgrading to the premium version if you find yourself needing these additional features (i.e. if you've already been hacked before).

The free version does an automatic malware scanner and also alerts you when someone logs into your wp-admin area. This is EXTREMELY helpful as it gives you peace of mind that no-one else is meddling around in your WordPress.

The web application firewall is also extremely effective at preventing brute force attacks. These can easily bring your website down if not handled properly.

How To Install Wordfence Security

The installation and configuration of Wordfence is extremely easy regardless of your online experience.

If you've ever installed a plugin before, it's the same process.

Simply login to your wp-admin, search for Wordfence, and click install:

I've filmed a video tutorial that walks you through the entire process and I also highlight the main benefits:

As you can see, it's extremely user friendly and you don't have to have any technical knowledge to set it up.

Keeping WordPress Secure

99.9% of all WordPress websites that get hacked are because something was out of date.

It's VERY important to login to your wp-admin area each day and make sure not only the WordPress core is updated, but also all your plugins and themes.

Being proactive can save you a lot of headache and from spending unnecessary money in repairs.

Another key benefit to Wordfence is it will automatically email you when one of these items need updating. Perfect for those that don't like to login and check daily!

As I mentioned above, it's the second plugin I add to all my personal websites, right behind LiteSpeed cache.

At Name Hero it's our goal to provide a high-speed, reliable, secure, and scalable infrastructure. By adding additional layers to your website, you help us accomplish this goal!

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