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How To Setup SMTP In WordPress
How To Setup SMTP In WordPress

Streamline your WordPress email communication using SMTP.

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By default, WordPress utilizes the PHP Mail function for email delivery. Nonetheless, opting for SMTP offers superior email handling capabilities and enables you to leverage third-party mailing services for sending messages more effectively.

To get started, install the WP Mail SMTP plugin by navigating to Plugins > Add New and search for it in the search box then install and activate.

1. Once that is complete the setup wizard will popup and start the configuration process:


2. Select the Other SMTP option to use one of your email accounts hosted with us:

Choose Mailer

3. Configure the email settings which can be obtained in cPanel > Email Accounts then click the Connect Devices button next to the email you want to send emails as in WordPress.

  • SMTP Host: Same as Outgoing Server shown in cPanel

  • Encryption: TLS

  • SMTP Port: 465 (use 587 if the test fails)

  • Authentication: Enable Authentication

  • SMTP Username: The email you want to send emails as in WordPress

  • SMTP Password: Your email's password

  • From Name: Preferably the name of your website

  • From Email: This should match the email you've configured to ensure better deliverability

  • Force From Email set to on

SMTP Configuration

4. Run through the rest of the configuration steps then the wizard will test your email settings to make sure they work properly. If you see any warnings regarding DMARC and SPF then they can be resolved in cPanel > Email Deliverability:

Check mailer configuration

If all tests pass then you've successfully set up SMTP in WordPress! Good work and contact our support heroes with any issues that may come up!

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