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Web Hosting Packages Explained
Web Hosting Packages Explained

How to select the perfect web hosting package for your website.

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All of NameHero's web hosting packages are built on-top of our high-speed cloud using the industry's best hardware creating an infrastructure that's fast, reliable, secure, and scalable. Best of all - we make it affordable - and power it with our Superheroes! We believe web hosting should be fast, easy, reliable, and affordable for everyone!

We offer four different web hosting packages: Starter, Plus, Turbo, and Business Cloud. Depending on the size of your website and the needs of your business largely determines which one you should select:

Starter Cloud - Best for those who need web hosting for 1 website that reaches 10,000 visitors or fewer per month. Our Starter Cloud allows for unlimited disk space, 250,000 inodes (or files), and 1 GB of physical memory. We recommend those shopping on a budget, such as a startup or new blog, select this package. It's a very affordable way to get your website online and you can scale as your website grows.

Plus Cloud - Unlike the Starter Cloud, the Plus package gives you the ability to host up to 7 websites or up to 25,000 visitors a month. Disk space (or storage) is also unlimited but allows for 250,000 inodes (or files) with 2GB of physical memory. This package is recommended for small-businesses/entrepreneurs that are growing and need some flexibility.

Turbo Cloud - Built to handle up to 50,000 monthly unique visitors, the Turbo Cloud gives you the ability to host unlimited websites with unlimited disk space and up to 500,000 inodes (or files). With 3GB of physical memory, it allows those with eCommerce needs the ability to easily accept and process orders to a number of different customers. This package is recommended for websites that are established along with online stores.

Business Cloud - Our premium web hosting package, the Business Cloud is best for websites reaching upwards of 100,000 monthly visitors with unlimited disk space and up to 500,00 inodes (or files). With 4GB of RAM, you'll have improved performance for those high traffic days (such as the holiday shopping season). We recommend this package for websites with high traffic needs or complex dynamic scripts such as forum communities or large online stores.

VPS and Enterprise

Need something more powerful or with more custom specifications? Check out our VPS hosting or Flex VPS hosting or our Enterprise Hosting plans for blazing fast speed and reliable resources.

All Web Hosting Packages Include:

  • LiteSpeed Web Server - This is the software that serves the pages of your website. The majority of the small-business/individual website hosts use Apache, whereas LiteSpeed is a premium software product that is up to 20 times faster. It handles page requests more efficiently and is used by some of the most popular websites in the world.

  • Unmetered Bandwidth - In the early days of the Internet bandwidth was expensive and many web hosts placed limits on hosting packages to offset costs. Nowadays, bandwidth is much more affordable and with global CDN's such as Cloudflare and video-hosting platforms such as YouTube, we feel there is no longer a need to restrict individual websites.

  • Free and Auto SSL - Since 2016 we've offered free and automatic SSL certificates on all of our web hosting packages. This gives you the ability to access your website from https:// vs. http:// meaning the data transferred is encrypted protecting the integrity of your website and your visitor's information. Since July 2017, Google Chrome started displaying a "not secure" warning on websites that do not include SSL. Many of our competitors look at this as a reason to profit, while we see it as an opportunity to create a safer Internet.

  • Website Toolkit - We believe you should have the tools necessary to get your website up and running fast; without upsells. Therefore, all of our web hosting packages include 1-Click WordPress (and other popular application) installs and staging (giving you the ability to setup an area to test before going live). Additionally, we offer automated nightly and weekly offsite backups with the ability to restore right inside your customer portal (you don't have to contact us to get your backups). We also include unlimited features such as email accounts, forwards, subdomains, databases, and more.

  • Security Shield - Nowadays all websites are a target for malicious actors. Therefore, we provide automatic malware scanning and a unique security suite that incorporates artificial intelligence to proactively deter attacks keeping your website and your customer's information safe and secure.

  • Superhero Features - We only use the best hardware available on the market today. This includes NVMe Solid State Drives protected by Raid 10, LiteSpeed Caching, global CDN, and cPanel control panel. All of these items attribute to our 99.9% uptime as we understand just how frustrating it can be when your website goes offline.

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