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How To Transfer Your Domain To NameHero
How To Transfer Your Domain To NameHero

Easily move your existing domain from another registrar or web host so all your services are together.

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Prior to launching our world-class cloud web hosting, I had originally developed the NameHero platform to manage my personal domain portfolio. Buying domains since 1998, some aftermarket, some at auctions, etc. I had stuff going everywhere. It was to the point where I couldn't keep track of my names, hence I developed an interface that suited all of my needs.

I strongly believe our platform will help you achieve this while also making it much easier for our Superheroes to support all of your web hosting services!

Important: You do not have to wait until your domain is transferred to NameHero to begin using it with our Web Hosting. Simply enter the nameservers of your web hosting package (found in your welcome email or our Client Portal) at your current provider and they'll transfer over automatically.

You can easily transfer your existing domain from another web host or registrar to NameHero by following these steps:

Note: A domain transfer is not a website migration. This article explains how to move an existing domain registration over to NameHero. To learn about migrating your website and all its data read this.

*Please note, prices listed below are for example only and may not reflect the ever changing cost of doing business on the internet.

1) Unlock your domain and obtain the EPP/Auth code from your current registrar

In order for us to begin the domain transfer process, you first need to login to your existing domain registrar's (or web host) control panel and unlock the domain and obtain the EPP (or authorization code). The domain lock is a tool that helps prevent domain theft and can normally be disabled with one click.

Note: If you registered your domain within the last 60 days or recently made modifications to your contact details, you may have to contact your existing provider to have them remove the lock. Depending on the provider, they may make you wait until the lock auto expires, which is 60 days (3 months) by default.

Once the domain lock is off, you then need to obtain the EPP (sometimes referred to as an authorization code) to your domain. This acts as a password adding another layer of security to prevent domain theft. Most domain registrars/web hosts provide access to this code through their control panel, where the lock is disabled.

Here are links on how to accomplish this with some well know providers:

2) Go to our Instant Domain Search, type in your domain, and click transfer

3) Enter your valid EPP/Auth code

The next screen will ask for the EPP/Auth code you requested from your current provider. Please enter this here and make sure it's correct (the transfer process cannot begin until we have a valid code).

Once completed, click Add to Cart.

4) Configure your domain

If you don't already have web hosting with us, or you'd like to add another account, you may add it here. If you purchase a Web Hosting package for 2 years or longer, the domain transfer is free! Additionally you can configure your domain with some extra services:

  • DNS Management - Allows you to manage DNS records for domains if you do not have a hosting service with us.

  • ID Protection - Protects your personal information from being shown in the public Whois database. Includes an email forward with Spam filtering. Highly Recommended

  • Email Forwarding - Provides the ability to forward email to an existing email account (i.e. Not needed for customers who purchase hosting with their domain.

  • Nameservers - Enter the nameservers you wish to use for your domain. If you have an existing hosting service, these can be found inside our Client Portal or in your welcome email. If you're ordering hosting with your transfer, these will be automatically set for you.

Tip: If you're wanting to use your hosting immediately with your domain, enter the nameservers related to your hosting account in your current provider. They'll transfer over automatically.

Once finished configuring, click Continue.

5) Review your cart

If you'd like to transfer another domain, you can go back to our Instant Domain Search and repeat the above process.

6) Complete payment

If you're an existing customer, make sure to click the Already Registered button to login. If not, proceed with filling out your information. It's important you enter valid information as our order system will not process your payment if it cannot be verified. Additionally, new customers will need to enter a unique four-digit PIN number, to be used for verification if you need to contact support.

Finally you can enter your payment method and complete the payment. For domains, it's highly recommended you use a valid debit/credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), as PayPal/Coinbase cannot process an auto renewal. Remember, domains must be renewed each year, and failure to pay will result in the domain becoming available again to the general public. Also, Credit Card (Stripe) is best for International cards outside the United States.

To complete your order, please review our Terms of Service and Payment Policy to ensure you understand our compliance guidelines. Domain registrations and transfers are not refundable as they're immediately submitted to the registry.

6) Wait for the domain transfer to complete

Once your payment is completed your domain will be visible in the NameHero Client Portal as Pending.

When your current domain registrar approves the transfer, the status will change to active automatically; no further action is required on your end.

Most all domain registrars automatically approve transfers within 2 - 5 business days, as long as the above steps were completed correctly (i.e. correct EPP code/domain unlocked). If there are any issues, our billing team will send you an email. It's also important to know, some domain registrars such as GoDaddy will instantly approve domain transfers if you contact their team after you've placed your transfer order.

Once your domain transfer completes, you'll be sent an email to verify your email address. Make sure to click the link in this email to keep the domain active.

7) Make sure to verify your email address

For all new domain registrations/transfers, we must verify your email address is valid. Within a couple hours of your transfer completing you will receive an email from the registry containing a link that MUST be clicked within 15 days. It looks like this:

Depending on the TLD of your domain, the verification email might be slightly different:

Failure to click this link WILL result in the registry placing it on HOLD, disabling it (meaning your website will go offline). If you do not see this email within 24 hours of registration, please check your Spam/Bulk email folder or reach out to our team to have it resent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to transfer my domain to NameHero to use my hosting package? No. It's highly recommended so we can provide the highest quality of support, but you can update your nameservers at your current domain provider to use any of our web hosting services.

  • My domain isn't close to expiration, am I going to lose anytime I've already paid for? No. If you've paid your provided for a two-year registration and you're transferring six-months later, you don't lose the time you've already paid for; it transfers over. Additionally most TLDs (.com, .net, .org) you transfer automatically add an additional year following transfer.

  • My domain doesn't have an EPP code (such as what do I put in that field? If you're transferring a domain, such as one that ends with, they don't require EPP codes. Therefore you may enter a random string in that field (i.e. doamin123) to complete the order. Once you've paid for your transfer, enter our IDS tag: 1API-DE at your current provider. Note: Make sure the domain is showing as Pending in our Client Portal first.

  • It's been longer than 5 days, why hasn't my domain transferred? If you paid for your domain transfer and it still hasn't turned active in our Client Portal, contact your current provider to ensure there is not a lock on their end. If they show there is not, ask them if they show a pending outbound transfer request. If not, please contact our team so we can reattempt the transfer.

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