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How To Add A DNS TXT Record
How To Add A DNS TXT Record

Txt record helps to verify domain ownership, setup SPF records and Dmarc records

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A TXT record is a DNS record that is used to associate arbitrary text with a host or other name. It is mainly used to verifying domain ownership , setting SPF record or dmarc records.

In this article, we will show you how to add a TXT record for google verification.

You can add the TXT records from cPanel -> Zone Editor:

1. Click on "Zone Editor" under domains from your cPanel

2. Click on "Manage" from the actions column

3. Click on "Add record"

Enter the domain name or subdomain under "Name" text field where you want to add TXT record. Keep the TTL value and select TXT record from the "Type" dropdown box and enter the verification text under "Record" text field and click on "Add record"

You are all set now. You can complete the domain verification using the TXT record that you have added and it should work fine.

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