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How To Signup For VPS Hosting
How To Signup For VPS Hosting

Step-by-step details to ordering a VPS Hosting package with NameHero

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Setup and deploy your Managed Cloud account with NameHero in five minutes:

1) Select your VPS Hosting Package

2) Select your billing cycle

  • All prices shown reflect our new customer discount. The discount applies to your first invoice, therefore the longer you signup, the more you save, as reflected above.

  • After your first billing term, the renewal price is reflected on the checkout page.

3) Configure your VPS options including a control panel

  • Server Image - Select your primary Operating System.

  • cPanel License - By default the cPanel Solo license is free and included (1 account only). If you'd like to add more accounts than one, select it here.

  • Number of IPs - This is the total number of IP addresses for your VPS. We provide 1 for free by default, if you need more you may select up to 10.

  • Backup Quota - This is the total amount of space available for backups. The more quota you select, the more days retention your server will have. You may upgrade this later, most customers select 100GB.

  • LiteSpeed Web Server - Premium web server for higher traffic / better performance. By default, the VPS will use Apache.

  • Softaculous - Install and manage up to 380 scripts with a single click on your VPS including WordPress.

4) Review Your Cart

This screen puts together all of the options you've selected, displays the pricing, and also applies any applicable promotional code you may have used.

5) Enter Billing Details

The checkout process begins with creating your NameHero account.

If you're an existing customer/already have an account you can click the Already Registered button and login.

It's important that you enter valid personal information as we utilize verification software to ensure that it is accurate. If you're placing your order from an alternative location from your billing address, additional verification maybe necessary to complete your signup.

Under Additional Required Information, you'll need to enter a four-digit Support PIN that will be used if you ever need to call into support or verify that you're the legitimate owner of the account. Please be sure to write this down as it will not be shown again, for your security.

Since this example is registering a new domain, it's going to use your Billing Address as the default domain contact. If you're registering the domain on behalf of a client, you can select the drop down to enter their contact information.

Finally, you should use the Generate Password button to generate a strong, unique password for your account. Please make sure to write this down or store in a password manager.

6) Select Payment Method

We recommend using the default Credit Card option to pay for your account. We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express (look for the logo on the front of your card). The CVV/CVC2 code is normally an unique three-digit code found on the back of your card (four-digit on the front for Amex).

We also recommend entering a name for your card so you can easily identify it on your account. By default, this card will be used for your future renewals/invoices so you never have any lapse in service or lose your domain for failure to renew each year.

PayPal - Some customers wish to pay with PayPal which we also accept. PayPal allows you to pay with any major credit/debit card as well as the ability to send an eCheck from your bank account. Please note: eChecks can take up to five-business days to clear and your account will not active until it has done so.

Coinbase - You may also pay your invoice with crypto currency such as Bitcoin (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), or other popular crypto currencies supported by Coinbase. Please note: You're not required to have an account with Coinbase you may send with any applicable wallet address (i.e. BTC).

Credit Card (Stripe) - For those customers located outside of the United States, you may wish to use Stripe to process an International Credit Card. Specifically, if you're paying with a debit card provided by Payoneer, you must use Stripe for the transaction to go through.

Superhero Specials - From time-to-time we may send exclusive marketing opportunities to your email, including renewal coupons/discounts. You may opt out of these here by clicking this toggle.

Read Our Terms - It's VERY important that you read through our Terms of Service which includes our Acceptable Usage and Payment Policy so you understand the type of content we do not allow (i.e. zero tolerance adult content) and how we handle renewals, refunds, and other payment items.

Once you click Checkout, your information will be validated, and as long as successful, your account will Instantly Activate. You will then be directed to our Client Area where you can begin managing/using your account and sent a Welcome Email with all of the details.

Common Problems

  • VPS Doesn't Deploy Instantly - Most servers spin up and activate in real time. However in some cases, we must manually approve your order. This can be for a variety of different reasons, but to ensure your service is activated properly, please standby, we'll automatically push it through within 24 hours (most of the time much sooner) without any action required. If we need anything from you, our team will reach out via email.

  • MaxMind Error - If we are unable to automatically verify the details you entered, you maybe shown a MaxMind Error that directs you to open a request with our Billing Team to provide the verification manually. Please send a photo copy of a valid, government issued ID (i.e. drivers license/passport), a current utility bill/banking statement (that matches the address on your ID card), and photo copy if your physical credit/debit card (you may black out all but last four digits). This will allow our team to quickly verify your details and help you get your account online ASAP.

  • Credit Card Declined - Your financial institution may decline your credit/debit card for a variety of reasons. Most provide very generic replies to our system, so it's best to call the number on the back of your card to see why it was declined. You may manually reattempt the charge by navigating to the invoices in your account, clicking on the invoice, and clicking "Pay Now." You can also change your payment method on this screen.

  • PayPal eCheck - If you used PayPal as your payment method and your account doesn't immediately come online, you may have sent an eCheck which must first clear your bank. As noted above, this may take up to five business days, so you would need to contact PayPal's customer service team to resolve.

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