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How To Setup Private Nameservers On Your VPS
How To Setup Private Nameservers On Your VPS
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If you’ve ever used web hosting, it’s likely you’re familiar with nameservers.

Nameservers are what links your domain to your web host so it can serve your website. This is how you’re able to register a domain with a company such as GoDaddy but then use whatever web host you would like.

If you work with us on our basic Litespeed Web Hosting your private name servers are something like and

If you work with us on our Reseller Web Hosting, you already know we provide free private name servers to your customers will use something like and

With our Cloud VPS Hosting, things work pretty much the same way, except you have to assign IP addresses to each nameserver.

How To Setup Private Nameservers

Rather than typing all of this out, I feel like the best way to demonstrate this is to show you step-by-step in a video tutorial:

As shown in my tutorial I’m assuming that your domain has been registered or transferred to NameHero. If your domain is at another domain registrar, you’ll have to browse their knowledgebase or reach out to their support to get them registered.

Private Nameservers are required if you want to use the DNS module on your server. If you want to use a third-party DNS provider like Cloudflare, you can but you’ll need to set that up on the respective end.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know!

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