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How To Register Domains
How To Register Domains
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While NameHero is a United States based web host, we do have customers all across the globe.

With our ultra high-speed cloud, customers enjoy our fast web page load times and 99.9% uptime, regardless the country they reside.

Unfortunately since NameHero is based in the United States, we're unable to register some International TLDs such as

In order for us to register such TLDs we would need to physically have a presence in these companies or resell from an International TLD provider.

We are always evaluating our options based on customer-demand and are actively working on securing such partnerships.

Until such partnership is formed, customers wishing to register such domains will need to seek an accredited registrar:

You're still 100% welcome to use our high-speed web hosting for these domains at NameHero.

We have many happy customers in South Africa and are confident you will also be pleased with our services.

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