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How To Integrate Your VPS With WHMCS
How To Integrate Your VPS With WHMCS
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If you want to offer your customers Reseller Hosting packages, then you have to integrate your WHMCS billing system with your Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Since all of our VPS instances at NameHero are on the cloud, many customers find this an easy way to get started with their business as they can add more resources on-demand as their business (and profits) grow.

Once you have your VPS online and active, you’re ready to configure it inside of WHMCS.

Make sure you have named the server something that makes sense to your customers (i.e.


From inside the WHMCS admin select Setup -> Products/Services -> Servers:

From here, you want to click Add New Server and then fill out basic information about your VPS:

All of this information is available inside your Name Hero client portal and/or Web Host Manager.

Next, you have to enter your Name Servers. If you haven’t already registered them at your domain registrar and configured them in Web Host Manager, now is a good time to do so.

These are the name servers that your customers will be using for their websites, so it’s very important to put the correct data in.

For my example above, they would look like this:

Finally, you have to enter your WHM username (root) and/or password/API token:

Once you have all that set, you want to make sure you test the connection to ensure a successful setup.

How To Integrate Your VPS Into WHMCS Tutorial

I also filmed a short video tutorial to demonstrate this as I felt it’d be a bit easier to follow-along with:

Congratulations! At this point you have added your VPS to WHMCS and can now use it to provision both Shared and Reseller Hosting accounts.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Heroic Support team!

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