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The Ultimate Affiliate VPS
The Ultimate Affiliate VPS
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Ugh. The cringe I have in my stomach when it comes time to register another domain or setup web hosting for my latest campaign.

I have no idea why, but for at least the last decade, it’s like pulling teeth to separate out all the domains / hosting for my campaigns.

Now granted, I know that any given campaign has the potential to earn me in the six-figure profit range a month, it’s still a “chore” to go and register that extra domain!

Anyway, this step is very important. Especially if your primary income stems from affiliate marketing, you want to diversify as many variables as possible.

For years I’ve talked about the importance of running multiple campaigns in multiple niches in multiple countries to have your affiliate income diversified. I would much rather make $100 a day from 10 different campaigns than I would 1 campaign making $1,000 a day.

Call me paranoid - but by adding extra lawyers of security like this - has allowed me to earn my full-time income online since 1998. Almost 20 years!

Diversifying your web hosting / domains adds a huge layer of protection in two main areas: reliability and security.

Reliability - If you are a diversified affiliate marketer and are promoting multiple campaigns at once, you wouldn’t want them on the same server. While we always hope our server doesn’t have an issue, but it happens. What then? Everything down while you dreadfully pause your campaigns or put your business on hold?

Security - Not only is it bad practice to have everything on one server, it gives your competitors all the campaigns you’re promoting. Even if you use a reverse DNS proxy such as Cloudflare, your other domains / websites on the server are easily findable using free web-based tools. So if your tracking software and landing pages all use the same server - I would highly suggest reconsidering! Every successful affiliate knows their best competitive advantage is their creativity!

So What Is The Solution?

The Ultimate Affiliate VPS - If you’re a beginner and just getting started with affiliate marketing then you need to get your first VPS to get going.

Here at Name Hero we have two main options:

Hero 4GB SSD - If the majority of your “traffic” (i.e. visitors) are coming from the United States (or surrounding countries) then start here.

Hero 2GB SSD NL - If the majority of your “traffic” is coming from Europe (or surrounding countries) then start here.

Regardless of which datacenter you choose, you should add-on the following modules:

LiteSpeed Web Server License - 2 CPU Cores - LiteSpeed is VERY important for affiliate marketers. Basically this is the “web server” that powers your traffic. Without LiteSpeed the server runs Apache, but LiteSpeed is 9 times faster! When you’re sending lots of traffic, especially from mobile, this is the most important thing you can do! You can always upgrade to add more “cores” to your license, but this will get you started.

MariaDB - This is a drop-in replacement to mySQL. It functions the exact same, meaning you won’t have to modify any of your scripts, but like LiteSpeed it performs much faster. When you’re paying for traffic, anything you can do to get the visitor to your landing page quicker is beneficial.

This VPS will give you the strong “core” you need to start your business.

Once you’re setup you want to makes sure you enable Cloudflare on all your domains. You can also add tracking software (iMobiTrax, CPV Lab, etc.) to ensure you’re tracking what campaigns make you money and which ones don’t.

When you start generating profitable campaigns, you can then begin to scale the “big ones” out to their own Managed Server. A general rule of thumb I use, once a campaign is netting more than $1,000 a month, I move it to it’s own server. Therefore I always re-invest 10% of my net profit back into powering the infrastructure.

That way I have multiple servers for multiple campaigns and never have all my eggs in one basket. If my competitors find one, they’re not going to get everything. If something happens and my server goes down, I’m not going to lose all my revenue.

Since all of our Managed Servers run on our high powered Cloud - they can all be instantly scaled with your growth. You can start small and instantly begin to scale as you make more revenue. We make it super easy so you can focus on making money!

Don't make these easily avoidable mistakes. Diversify your web hosting just like you diversify your campaigns. That way you'll be making money for decades to come and can sleep sound at night. Feel free to ask me any questions below, I'll be sure to answer them as quickly as possible!

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