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Why You Should Use A Reseller Account When Hosting Multiple Websites
Why You Should Use A Reseller Account When Hosting Multiple Websites
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We often get asked about what package potential customers should go with if they need hosting for multiple websites.

While our Turbo Cloud and Business Cloud packages allow the ability to host unlimited domains, you should only use these for your own internal sites. If you have clients or other websites in multiple niches, the best route is to go with a Reseller hosting account.

For example, if you own a small business such as a carpet cleaning company and want to host two websites you have for multiple locations, then our basic web hosting packages would be the perfect fit. (Plus, Turbo, Business Cloud)

However, if you have multiple customers or websites in different niches then you should get a Reseller hosting account.

cPanel Limits

First and foremost, we set our limits here at Name Hero per cPanel account. Meaning each account has it’s own RAM, memory, CPU allocation.

If you have a Reseller account you can setup unlimited cPanel accounts and spread out your resources, greatly increasing the performance of your websites.

If you try to host everything under one cPanel account then you risk running out of resources creating a slow browsing experience for your end-users.


The second most important item is account security. At NameHero we use technology called CageFS which creates a separate PHP filesystem for each cPanel user.

In simple terms, this means that only your website on the cPanel account will use the specific system files keeping your account safe and secure.

Especially for those using WordPress, if you don’t update regularly and an attacker gains access through one of your themes or plugins, then you would be in serious trouble! If everything is spread out across multiple cPanels, then you have diversity when it comes to security.


If one of your website “blows up” and needs more resources, such as a VPS, then as long as you have it in its own cPanel account, we can quickly and easily move it to ensure visitors don’t have an interrupted browsing experience.

Personally, I always like to plan for the future, so setting up your websites like this is just best practice. Even if you’re unsure how much traffic a website is going to get, it’s best to shoot for the sky.

NameHero Difference

When I first started Name Hero I didn’t even want to offer our Basic Hosting packages. It wasn’t until six-months into our business we even started offering these packages.

Being a seasoned Internet marketing veteran, I’ve always needed the ability to host multiple websites. Especially being an affiliate marketer, I needed room for multiple landing pages, tracking applications, etc. A Reseller account is the perfect start before taking the plunge to get a VPS.

If you currently have multiple websites using a Basic hosting account and would like to upgrade, feel free to reach out to our Heroic Support team so we can help you get this accomplished and ensure all of your websites stay healthy for the unforeseeable future!

Additionally, our Basic Hosting packages are always there to serve your single-site web hosting needs!

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