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How To Setup A Web Hosting Business On Your VPS Using WHMCS
How To Setup A Web Hosting Business On Your VPS Using WHMCS
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Since we specialize in Reseller Hosting, we’ve designed our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) to be extremely flexible for our customers here at Name Hero.

While our Reseller Hosting packages are the perfect way to start your own Managed Shared Hosting business, some may also want to offer their customers the ability to buy Reseller Hosting packages of their own.

Or if you have customers that have multiple websites, you may just want to be able to provide them with their own Web Host Manager so they can create cPanel accounts as they need without having to order a new account each time.

This is an excellent way to add higher paying customers to your web hosting business. Since Reseller packages are able to create multiple cPanels, you’re able to charge a higher price per month.

We’re the perfect example: Shared Hosting vs. Reseller Hosting packages – notice the difference in price!

Yesterday, I filmed a tutorial on how to create “Master” Reseller Hosting packages using Web Host Manager. But what if you want to automate the process?

Automate Master Reseller Accounts With WHMCS

WHMCS is the perfect web hosting billing and automation platform to allow you the ability to resell master reseller accounts to your customers!

Much of the configuration is the same as setting up shared hosting accounts, but this gives your customers the ability to have their own web host manager login.

I’ve filmed a pretty lengthy tutorial that shows the entire process from installing WHMCS, to configuring your domain reseller account, to setting up master reseller (and shared) hosting products:

For those that wish to engage in reselling with a VPS, I highly recommend starting with at least the Hero 4GB or Hero 6GB as you can scale as your business grows. The Hero 2GB is NOT recommended for this as that is only enough RAM for possibly one or two static websites.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!

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