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How To Login To The NameHero Client Area
How To Login To The NameHero Client Area

Login to the NameHero Client Area to manage all of your web hosting services and domain names easily.

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The NameHero Client Area is where you manage all of your web hosting services, domain name registrations, log support tickets, pay invoices, and more.

Follow these steps to login to our Client Area:

1) Go to the Client Area Login page.

2) Enter the email address and password you used during your initial registration.

3) Click Login to NameHero.

4) This will take you to our Client Dashboard where you can then manage your account.

โ€‹Common Problems:

  • Forgot Password - If you're not sure of your password, you can request a reset here. You'll need to input the email address you used during your initial signup.

  • Unknown Two Factor - If the login form is asking for your two-factor authentication code, you can obtain this from the two-factor app on your smartphone you used to set it up with, most likely Google Authenticator. The code should be a unique, six-digit code that expires every minute. If you're unable to locate it, you should have a saved backup code you can enter instead. If you're still unable to gain access, please contact our support team and note your issue along with your four-digit support pin.

  • Incorrect Captcha - We use Google's Invisible Captcha to provide added security on our login page. If you're getting this error, it means Google was unable to verify your browser window. Try opening an incognito tab (in Google Chrome) and logging in that way. Additionally, you should make sure your ISP has not blocked Google, which you can confirm by going to in your browser.

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