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How To Transfer A Domain To NameHero That Doesn't Have An EPP Code (, .uk, etc.)
How To Transfer A Domain To NameHero That Doesn't Have An EPP Code (, .uk, etc.)

Some international TLDs, such as, do not have an EPP/auth code to complete the transfer.

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If you've ever transferred a top level domain such as .com, .net, .org, etc. you're likely familiar with an EPP or authorization code which acts as password to transfer your domain to a new registrar. But there are some international TLDs, such as which instead require you to change the IPS tag at your existing registrar.

1) Start the domain transfer - To get started moving your domain that does not have an EPP code, go to our Domain Transfer page and enter your name in the text field and click Transfer:

2) Verify your domain - On the next screen, you will verify your domain is entered correctly and once you've done so, you can click Order Now, leaving the EPP field blank:

3) Configure your domain - We then have some options to configure your domain with us here at NameHero:

  • Add-ons - If you plan on using your domain with your web hosting package, you won't need these add-ons. However, if you're only managing your domains, it's likely you'll want to be able to control the DNS or forward email:

  • DNS Management - This gives you the ability to point your domain to our name servers where you can control specific DNS records or forward the domain to another website. It's billed at $2.98 per year.

  • Email Forwarding - Similar to DNS Management, but only for email. This gives you the ability to forward [email protected] to an existing email account (i.e. [email protected]). It's also billed at $2.98 per year.

  • Due to privacy restrictions we are unable to offer ID Protection for these TLDs.

4) Enter your legal information - Some TLDs, such as .uk, require you to enter information to verify your legal status.

These fields may vary depending on the domain you're transferring, but it's very important you fill these out accurately. Using false information is in violation to our TOS/AUP and subjects your account to immediate suspension/termination.

Continuing with my demonstration, here are the fields to expect with a .uk domain:

  • Legal Type - This is a predefined drop-down to describe your legal status. For example, we're a US company (NameHero), so we would select Non-UK Corporation.

  • Company ID Number - This would be your unique company ID or VAT number. Depending on your legal type selection this maybe required.

  • Registrant Name - This must match your company or real legal name.

  • WHOIS Opt-Out - Some domains such as .uk do not allow ID Protection but they do give you the option to opt your personal information out of the public Whois database. Check this field if you would like that information omitted.

5) Enter your name servers - Our system automatically provides default name servers in these fields, but they may not be relevant to your account. If you have a web hosting package with us, you can enter those name servers (found in your welcome email or client area). Additionally, if you select Email forward/DNS management, these will automatically be configured. You can always edit these later, once the domain has been transferred:

Once finished click Continue.

6) Complete payment - The last step is to complete your payment. Depending on the add-ons added and the domain being transferred, the price may vary (normally around $9.95/year). It's also important to remember when transferring a domain from another registrar, you never lose any time you've already paid for.

For example, if your domain doesn't expire for another year, you don't lose the year you've already paid for.

In addition, some domains automatically extend for another year on transfer, but it varies depending on the registry.

7) Update your domain's IPS tag at your current registrar - Once you've made your payment it should be safe to change the IPS tag of your domain at your current registrar. It's very important however not to enter this until you're sure you've completed all of the above steps correctly:

.uk, IPS Tag: 1API-DE

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