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Shared vs. Dedicated IP Address – Which One Should You Use?
Shared vs. Dedicated IP Address – Which One Should You Use?
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All of our Shared and Reseller hosting accounts come with the option to purchase a dedicated IP address.

Our Corporate Reseller account and Basic Business package also come with a dedicated IP address complimentary.

The biggest reason for this comes down to email delivery. Last year, I typed a blog post titled The Problem With Email And Shared Hosting, where I explained how one bad apple could create some really bad problems for your outbound emails.

Shared vs. Dedicated IP On a VPS

All of our VPS hosting packages come with 2 dedicated IP addresses free of charge so you can setup two sets of name servers (i.e. and

The first IP address will be used as your primary IP which will automatically be shared by new accounts you have the option to dedicated the second to a specific website.

This is also important for those engaging in affiliate marketing as it keeps competitors from reverse querying your IP and seeing all the other websites hosted on your server.

IP Management In Web Host Manager

The good thing Web Host Manager is you can assign and manage all of your IP address with the click of a mouse:

As stated in the video, all of our VPS hosting packages have the ability to have up to 8 IPs per server. If you need more, you’ll need to get permission from our compliance team.

If you’re on our Shared and Reseller package, you can also order as many as you need for $59.95/per year.

I personally recommend at least a couple dedicated IPs, especially for your most valuable clients/websites. If you have any questions on what is best for you, feel free to reach out or comment below!

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