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How To Retrieve Your NameHero Support Pin
How To Retrieve Your NameHero Support Pin

Easily access your support PIN to provide to our team.

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The NameHero Client Portal is where you manage all of your web hosting services, domain name registrations, log support tickets, pay invoices, get your support PIN and more.

To ensure a high level of account security, we require that all customers provide their support PIN to make any account changes.

Follow these steps to login to our Client Area and obtain your support PIN:

1) Go to the Client Area Login page.

2) Enter the email address and password you used during your initial registration:

3) Click Login to NameHero.

4) This will take you to our Client Dashboard where you can then manage your account:

client area dashboard

5) To retrieve your support PIN, click on your name in the top right then go to Account Details.

6) Scroll down towards the bottom. You will see the support PIN in the Additional Information section part way down the page:

support PIN

Provide our support team with your custom support PIN then you will be all set!

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